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I love your blog. Your life seems incredible. How old are you ?

thanks!  Like all lives mine has it’s ups and downs.  I do agree though my life is pretty incredible.  I am a firm believer in following your dreams and making your own reality.  I feel pretty blessed that I learned this in my early twenties and not getting caught in the passive floating along thing.

I’m 26. 

Posted on 25 September, 2013

Congratulations! Your daughter is adorable and it sounds like things went really well. I am curious though about how you cut/burned the cord. I hadn't ever heard of that before. I take it there are no nerve endings in the cord? Where did you learn about this practice? I don't know much about pregnancy things at all, and I'm just super curious. Sorry if it's really ignorant! I hope all is going well with you and your daughter. :)

thank you!  I tend to think so as well!  :P

There are no nerve endings in the umbilical cord.  However if you kind of think about it the placenta is the only other thing in the womb.  So the placenta is kind of a cushy thing that the babe might have had for it’s play thing, comfort etc.  So in many cultures there’s beliefs surrounding the placenta (I know in Bali they consider the placenta to be the person’s twin, they bury the placenta at their home and the person regularly visits their “twin”—at least that is what I was told by people who visited bali and were into birth culture).  

My husband and I are are weird pagan-y atheists (basically romantic atheists)—and we’re both fire signs.  Coincidentally our daughter is a fire sign as well so we thought it was appropriate to have the fire element present at her birth.  Along those same lines it’s believed that in chinese medicine a cord burning warms the babe’s qi through the umbilical cord.

I learned about it from my roomate who had spent some time in Bali—and also was pregnant at the same time as I and shared the practice with me.  It’s not really a western practice in recent history but is fairly common in third world countries where they might not have access to sterile equipment for a cord cutting.

Overall I think it was more for my husband.  I asked him to make a burn box (a box with notches for the candle and cord, basically to catch the wax), which was a nice project for him to do to prepare for labour and birth.  Then of course him burning the cord—which I had my doula and him do while I held our daughter.  The whole time while the cord was being burned my daughter was quietly looking around and super alert.

here’s more info on it!

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what a ride.

my daughter was born on august 6th—a leo with a leo moon and libra rising….

i have a butt ton of pictures from the last couple weeks of my pregnancy and then some of the birth annnd finally I’ll spam the hell out of you with cute baby pictures.

And then I shall go back to your regularly programmed hippie/pagan prettiness….

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